Herb Enns
ICEBERG ARKTIKUM                                                

Arctic Digital Media Collaborative Workshop and Installation
Arctic Centre (Arktikum), Rovaniemi, Finland
24 February to 30 March, 2012


Herbert Enns, University of Manitoba
Tomi Knuutila, University of Lapland
Co-Leads, University of the Arctic - Arctic Digital Media Collaborative


A linear translucent constructed environment is inspired by spatial transferences in both the real and imaginary worlds of the peoples of the Arctic region. A Greenland Kayak made of animal skin - selected from the extensive collection of artifacts held by the Arctic Centre in Rovaniemi, Finland - is suspended from a large birchplywood frame clad in a thin skin of paper. Thiswhite ‘cloud’ of ordinary materials is inhabited by a series of audio samples and video images that create a fully-immersive experience and draw attention to subtle changes in the Arctic environment. The installation addresses our synesthetic capacity to integrate sight, sound, and movement into a dense perceptual encounter. It is intended to generate emotive experiences of a complex imaginary layered space of passage and transcendence inspired by both existent and spiritual worlds. A linear spatial audio soundscape of ethereal overtones reinforces the emotive experience, alluding to the constant flow of natural elements. The orchestration of this combination of both subtle and complex perceptual inputs is intended to create an experience of transfiguration that highlights the mythical dimension of arctic life.

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