Herb Enns

Located on an island in Lake-of-the-Woods, Ontario, Canada, this project for a young family was designed and fabricated in five (5) modules, and transportd to the site over a late winter ice road.

Lifted into place by a mobile crane only days before the begin of the spring melt, the project includes a 10'0" high by 32"-0" wide window wall supported by a steel structure with views south across the lake. All building systems, plumbing fixtures and appliances were installed before transport. The period of in-factory construction was six (6) weeks in January and February, and one week was required to complete the 300 km move.

With twoweeks of sitework to connect the modules and complete the flooring, the house was ready for occupancy well before the May target. Interior finishes are simple and light, and the exteriror is clad in black painted fibre cement board.